|     68 zenbakia, 1984ko uztaila [faksimilea PDF formatuan]





        A play set in a rural area at the north of the Basque Country which reflects a twofold problem; the generation and the social gap of a community where the farm and its way of life dominate and, are in discrepancy with the need of the young, who owing to the lack of jobs have to emigrate to the big industrial areas, despite themselves.

        In this context the existing divergencies between the owner of welloff farm, Xarles, and his son in law, Piarrez, are seen. The latter wants to lead a more relaxed lift, as oppossed to his father in law's wishes to expand de farm. Buying the farm and land where the tenants, a widow in company of a son and a daughter live and whose tenancy is due to expire and who are friend od Xarles's son, Ttotte, would bring more work, despite the help that the buying of a tractor would mean, thus, it would also be the cause of the family's eviction.

        The adoption of new modern forms for working the land, brings a change, and with it, the breaking down of an existing equilibium, whose resuit will be the bigger power for a few in détriment of the economically weaker, who will be obliged to move to the industrilised areas. Meanwhile the adoption of these forms ofexplotation create some new jobs making it possible for Ttotte to become independant from his family.