|     62 zenbakia, 1983ko urria [faksimilea PDF formatuan]

aurrekoa | hurrengoa



        A play for youngsters divided in two acts in which eight characters take part, four girls: Ande, Lore, Toda, Garo and four boys: Ibon, Manu, Peru and Uni, along with some other minor characters.

        Through the scenes of the first act we see the life of this gang of children who amuse themselves telling stories in the countryside, near a chappel. They start with a riddle told by Peru -deciding the girls at this point to leave the boys and go their own way- continuing with Manu 's tale and Ibon's joke. They are going to stage Peru's story when the girls return and they all decide to take part in it. They are staging a procession and reciting letanies when a dog comes in causing, as a result, Unai's fall and his having to be cured and carried away, while the sing a Salve which kas just been announced by the chapel's bells.

        In the second act, the scenes develop on a beach, among rocks, where there is a grotto called «The Virgin Mari's ». Being all but Ibon gathered there, they play with the echo produced by the shouting of names from the outside, making believe Unai that the cave is inhabited.

        As a result of Ande's throwing of an old limpet's shell against the rocks, arises a misterious voice, which punishes them for it and converts them into different sort of molluscs, while forcing them to go inside the cave. They all do so, bau Unai, who for havinggiven voice to his fears his friends do not allow him togo in, so that he is left alone until Ibon crops in, and knowing the place, he explains that with the tide's withdrwal they vill all come out with the wind. The misterious voice announces the transformation of the sea, and each species singing, make its introduction to Unai. When the song ends the all remove their disguises to Unai's bewilderment, putting an end to the game and the play.

aurrekoa | hurrengoa